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Powerful and moving are the best words to describe Rising from the Ashes. Through her detailed and deliberate writing, she brings to life the horrific, healing, and ultimately wonderful events that Tina experiences throughout the book.

 From anger and heartbreak, to compassion, faith and rejoicing, it is clear that Wells’ intention was not only to tell a story about a girl, but to invite her readers into the story so that they can experience and take this journey first with just Tina and then with both Tina and Cliff. This book is definitely one that should not be missed.

— San Francisco Book Review


First time author Marchela Wells has created a gutsy heroine with a soft heart, capable of passionate cravings, but possessed of a fierce determination that helps her keep on track when everything in her new and happy life is suddenly under threat. Rising from the Ashes has just about everything an avid reader of romantic thrillers could ask for; beautiful but bruised lady, charming and fearless man, and a very nasty villain trying to tear them apart.

— The US Review of Books


In this suspenseful, if uneven, tale of true love and happiness, a damaged young woman heals her heart and finds love, only to have it nearly ripped away.

— Blueink Review


A young woman finds love and possible redemption in this novel about survival and recovery. Marchela Well’s Rising from the Ashes is a romance with elements of a classical thriller that relates the tragedies of a young woman’s life.

— Clarion Review


Wells’ novel is oddly compelling. By framing Tina’s journey as an external action story rather than an internal psychological trauma tale, Wells gives the reader heroes and villains to root for and a chance at a conclusive ending.

— Kirkus Review