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In their love tainted by the traumas of the past, Christina and Cliff must endure and follow the whims of their heart to overcome and fulfill their true desires. Will love be stronger than doubt?


Witness them Rising from the Ashes.


My Daughter in Ashes is a continuing saga in the life of Christina Stinson.


The story tells of the life of a young lady, Molly Corbett, who takes on the identity of a child born to Christina McIntyre as the result of a gang rape.


Born from the Ashes follows Christina’s search of her real daughter. This was enforced by Christina’s love for the daughter she had been forced to abandon during her youth.


A tale that leaps from the newspaper headlines of the modern day with huge biker gangs, gang rape, drugs, young high school students going on shooting rampages.


That horrible nightmare is now three years in the past. Still, those memories haunt me every night. Any knock on my door sends terrible chills up my spine.


Find the Escape to Happiness.


My Ruston, Louisiana Relatives & Relations Vol. 1

In 1987, I co-authored the book William Wooten Richardson Family History. Since that time there have been numerous requests to reprint that work. In 2019, I decided that, instead of a reprint, I would offer the family a more complete rendition of their family lines. The Richardson family of Ruston, Louisiana more complete story comes from the intermarriages with other early Lincoln Parish families such as the Ward’s, Cook’s, and Stocks. For this presentation, I created two distinct volumes because the publishers limit the page count to 480 pages. Vol. I details marriages and families resulting from both the Stocks and Ward families. All families and people detailed are Richardson’s as they descend from separate lines. Vol. I presents marriages of children of William Wooten Richardson to the Ward’s and Stocks. Other important family lines included are the Gaar’s, Wilder’s, Bryant, Davis, George, Goodwin, Moncrief, Mondy, Terrill, Willis, not to mention the aforementioned Stocks, Ward, and Richardson families, and so many more.


My Ruston, Louisiana Relatives & Relations Vol. 2

The second volume continues, this time with the marriages and families of the Cook and Richardson families highlighted. Other families include Andrews, Andrus, Aswell, VanHoof, Terrill, Bryant, Gaubert, Gilliland, Rogers, Riser, Kidd, Hilton. To be sure there are extensive listings of the Cooks and Richardson clan listed. I have been a genealogist for over 40 years and each of these two works contains literally THOUSANDS of your relatives. Both volumes are fully indexed. Xlibris also presents both volumes in a handsome softcover binding on the finest quality Photo Paper. This means that the pages will not smudge or tear easily and will be lasting heirlooms to be passed down from generation to generation.